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Day Twenty Five – Weight Loss Journal

Better choices for tomorrow.  We shall not discuss what was eaten today!  Salad and fish here we come.  I will feel better tomorrow.  Even with all the cheats I’m just glad that I can get right back on board.  I love the new size that I am in.  I’m still excited about what this lifestyle change holds for me!  I want to be healthier and feel better and look better.  I am on my way!

Day Twenty Four – Weight Loss Journal

Not much to say.  Being at family get togethers does not help with food choices.  I’, a slow learner when it comes to stop doing something that makes me feel yucky.  I didn’t make bad choices today, but the pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream kept calling my name.  I gave in.  I need to stop feeling guilty and move on.  I always thought that it would be harder to make wiser food choices on my own, but the influence of the holiday season and family is a bad combination.  For the most part I’m doing pretty well.  Learning and change come with time.  I just have to stay patient.  It is all about the choices I make and that it is my choice to either feel good or not to feel good.

Day Twenty Three – Weight Loss Journal

Not a very exciting day, but better day for food choices.  It is funny how I use to enjoy eating “that kind” of food but now I crave the healthier stuff!  Go figure.  The part I don’t understand is why when I eat healthier I feel so much better but still choose to indulge in the food that does not make me feel very good!?  I’m beginning to not enjoy the food comas when I don’t make wise choices.

Day Twenty Two – Weight Loss Journal

Happy Thanksgiving!  I had pie with homemade whipped cream, and turkey, and gravy, and homemade buns with butter and homemade jelly, etc, etc.  I didn’t stuff myself, but did eat.  I tried to be smart about my choices.  I just felt very sluggish and slow and tired!  I craved my tuna with spring mix.  It made me realize how much slower my body went on the heavy food.  I slept for eight hours and woke up feeling rested that morning.  After the big meal I took a nap and was still tired.  Food should make you feel refreshed and energized not bogged down.  I think I’m slowly starting to learn the benefits of healthier eating, maybe.

Day Twenty One – Weight Loss Journal

The day before the big day of Thanksgiving!  Am I going to survive?  I had some more scotch-a-roes and a piece of banana bread.  I did find time to squeeze in some tuna, fruit, and a veggie salad with spinach.  I think after Thanksgiving I need to do a mini detox and get back on track.  No more excuse.  I feel very bloated and icky.  I have a rumble tummy.  Misery at my own hands!  How poetic!  Here is to all the wrong food that is going to make me feel terrible!  Happy Thanksgiving eve everyone.

Day Twenty – Weight Loss Journal

So I cheated a little tonight.  I had grain in my diet for the first time in 20 days.  I ate a fresh baked, hot out of the oven roll with some melted butter on it!  It was very yummy.  I also had a small scotch-a-roe.  It also was yummy.  The way I figure it (watch out here comes the lie that is going to help me deal with why I’m cheating!) is a little cheating is better than a lot!  It is the holiday season after all; I know I’m going to cheat so I am trying to be wise about my cheats.  I’m learning that the only satisfaction in a cheat is the moment right before you take that bite!  It doesn’t make you feel good physically or mentally.  So why do we do it?  Food for me is like a drug.  When I was young food was my friend who was always there for me.  Sad, huh?  Today food helps me coop when I’m stressed.  I gave up smoking to take up food!  Nice huh?  This is just a new way of thinking.  It is change and I’m embracing it!

Day Nineteen – Weight Loss Journal

I feel like I’m eating all the time.  I have about five or six small meals a day.  I don’t feel stuffed and yucky anymore.  I did manage to keep myself on the straight and narrow today.  I started to worry today that I haven’t lost any more weight, but I’m still losing inches!  How does that work?  Now that my body is burning fat, the lean muscle is taking over!  This is an amazing program.  Why didn’t I start it sooner?  I guess it is because at the time I knew more or something!  I am a believer now.  Why do we make ourselves so miserable with the wrong food and what it does to our bodies?

Day Eighteen – Weight Loss Journal

So I ate two more of those oh so yummy peanut butter cookies topped with Hershey kisses.  Dam it, but the good news is that all those cookies are now gone!  I don’t know why I cheated, except that I made the choice to cheat!  It didn’t make me feel very good yesterday, so I decided to do it again today!  Really?  You know the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!  Well, there is always tomorrow.  The whole day wasn’t a total loss though.  I did manage to eat mostly healthy!  Is mostly healthy like being a little pregnant?

Day Seventeen – Weight Loss Journal

Oh, I cheated today!  I had three small peanut butter cookies with the chocolate Hershey’s kiss on top.  On the brighter side, the cookies are the ones with no flour in them.  They tasted very yummy, but didn’t make me feel very yummy!  It makes me think twice about the food I’m going to eat on Thanksgiving!  I fell off the wagon but am climbing back on!

Day Sixteen – Weight Loss Journal

I have been craving carbs, carbs, and carbs.  I find if I tell myself that the more carbs I crave the more my body must be burning fat seems to help!  Weather it is a lie or not, it seems to be working.  I noticed that my knees don’t hurt as much after being on my feet all day.  Each day I feel a little better than the day before.  It is funny how a person’s mind works.  Towards the end of detox week I was so excited because I knew I got to add in protein.  The possibilities seemed endless for food options.  Sometimes now I find myself going there is nothing to eat.  It is not true.  It is just a different way of cooking.  I eat fish more now than ever before.  It is weird to feel my tummy.  My whole body feels different and I am good with that.  It is like I am discovering my body all over again.  If you would like to discover your new body go to then to weight management on the left hand side or contact me directly for more information.

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