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Day Fifteen – Weight Loss Journal

So this is what it is like to feel good!?  You don’t realize how much better you feel when you change what you eat.  Two weeks are done!  I’m on the tightest notch on my belt!  I still can’t believe I went from a 20/22 to a 16/18.  It is crazy to me and in only two weeks!  My double chin is going away.  My back fat pockets under my bra are going away.  Man what is it going to be like ten weeks from now?  I enjoy what I am eating and feel fantastic.  This is one battle I’m going to conquer, the battle of the bulge!  The one thing I am struggling with right now is the craving for carbs, mainly bread.  But I know if I give in I will feel like crap!  I must be strong.  I feel like I’m shrinking before my vary eyes.  My fat baby (tummy) is going away!

Day Fourteen – Weight Loss Journal

Today was a good day.  Since I have been eating better I feel so much better.  I went down to a size 16/18!  Very exciting!  This program has really opened my eyes to how beneficial food can be and how poisonous it can be as well.  I find myself noticing other people and being able to relate to how miserable they are in their current state.  People are allowing themselves to be imprisoned by their food choices and they don’t even realize it.  I was one of them.  I find myself wanting to reach out and help them.  I, myself, am still trying to find my way.  For dinner today my mom and I are what we thought would be healthy Chinese food.  The veggies and shrimp were good.  The sauce tasted good to, but it was not a good choice.  I didn’t feel very good after eating the Chinese.  I don’t like feeling like this.  Here is to wiser choices tomorrow.  Live and learn is the lesson for today.

Day Thirteen – Weight Loss Journal

 For the last two or three days I have been craving raisins.  I'm not normally a raisin person but man oh man do they taste very yummy!  I really enjoy tuna and salmon.  I wish I could get satisfied.  I'm doing pretty well for almost two weeks into this.  Tonight when I got home from work I just pulled my once tight work pants off instead of unbuttoning and unzipping them!  Awesome is all I can say!

Day Twelve – Weight Loss Journal

 I feel frustrated today.  I have gone without any sort of grains for almost two weeks now.  Why do I still crave them?  Bread is so yummy especially the crusty bread.  I can smell it, fell it, and taste it almost.  I just don't feel full today.  I eat and eat veggies, but don't feel satisfied.  I struggled today, but was triumphant!  It is almost like I am going through withdrawals.  I can't believe how food is like a drug.  Come on.

Day Eleven – Weight Loss Journal

Today I have been craving raisins!  I’m not a raisin eater, but I was today.  I made a tuna salad salad today.  I used tuna packed in water mixed with fat free scour cream, chopped pickles and juice, mustard, chopped celery, salt, pepper, and garlic on top of some lettuce and spinach with some dried cranberries.  It was very yummy.  I was a little moody today not sure why, but I didn’t do much today.  I bummed around the house.  Here is to lazy days!

Day Ten – Weight Loss Journal

I have been enjoying protein very much.  I enjoy the challenge of being creative with my food selections.  I went grocery shopping today and picked up some fat free items, some tuna, more fruits, and more vegetables.  I am still amazed at how much my double chin is disappearing!  I went up another spot on my belt!  I’m starting to feel like I’m really not missing out on anything anymore.  I am actually starting to watch others and how they eat.  I keep thinking to myself how they are missing out!  It has been a good day.

Day Nine – Weight Loss Journal

What a great day.  I feel so good.  I cleaned the house today from end to end.  The house and its arrangement (cleanliness) reflect how I feel about myself.  I feel like my body is being transformed, so the house received the same.  I have things to do, places to go, and a life to live!  This is truly an amazing program.  Here is to success!

Day Eight – Weight Loss Journal

It is pretty exciting to be on day eight.  Protein has never tasted so good.  I’m enjoying food in a whole different way now.  So I stepped on the scale, looked, stepped off, stepped back on, then off and back on.  I was in disbelief at what I saw. I went and showered and stepped back on the scale.  Before my very eyes the scale read 235.6 pounds!  Holy buckets!  I lost fifteen pounds in a mere seven days!  Wow is all I can say.  This is amazing!

Day Seven – Weight Loss Journal

Wow!  What an amazing day!  I felt on top of the world.  I feel great.  I feel like I must be bipolar after reading over the last six days!  I want to jump on the scale and see my results; instead I just keep walking past the scale and stare.  Seriously what is wrong with me?  I know I have lost inches just by the way my clothes fit and by the way I feel, but the scale makes my heart pound to think of stepping on it!  What am I going to do when I loose all this weight?  To scale or not to scale that is the question.  Tomorrow I get to add protein back into my diet!  Hurray!  This is the first and only weight management program I have ever done and I am so excited about the results so far.  Tomorrow I shall weigh in, maybe.  Here’s to protein!

Day Six – Weight Loss Journal

Wow!  What a day.  Today was a struggle for me.  I felt very tired and weak.  I found it hard to concentrate on anything.  I felt like I was in a cloud for most of the day.  I had trouble wanting to eat.  I felt gaggie for most of the morning.  I finally found some food that sounded good for lunch.  I am so excited for protein, only one more day.  I feel like a spazz today.  I’m here and there and everywhere.  Hello, earth to Vanessa.  I need more water.  No matter the struggle I know it will be worth it.  The struggle isn’t the way of eating, it is me.  I still don’t understand why we give food so much power over us!  Food has been such a big part of my life.  For Holidays my family gets together to get together with family and for the food!  Everything is centered on food.  Food is not the enemy.  It is what and how you eat and what you do in between time.  Here’s to tomorrow, the best day yet!

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