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Green Star Power Juicer Review

It is recommended that adults consume eight to nine servings of juice daily.But, the average person never follows the food pyramid and gets the recommended daily amounts. There are plenty of reasons why this happens. One thing is that a lot of grownups do not like the taste of vegetables. Eating vegetables is not something that never grew on them. Then some claim that they do not have enough time to eat their vegetables. Or, what about the people who say that produce is just too expensive to eat every day?

If you happen to hate veggies just like these people, then you will see that juicing will change your mind about vegetables. That’s the ticket. Put them into a Green Star Juicer and create delicious tasting vegetable drinks. If you hate broccoli, then it is easier to get it down if it is juiced and combined with sweeter flavors such as cranberry or apple juice.

You will find that juiced foods have unique benefits for you and your body. They are digested very quickly if consumed while they are still fresh. They have a lot of nutritious ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and digestive enzymes. However, they tend to lose their nutritious value if they are not consumed within 24 hours of being made. But if find that you need to store them, then put them into an air tight container and add lemon juice to help these juices last longer.

Just like with other types of foods, you will get more leverage from juicing if you use different types of fruits and vegetables for your juicing recipes. Even though you might have a favorite, always strive to find new and fresh flavors that you have not tried before. Blend various fruits and veggies and see what you get. Below you will find some of the more popular fruits that people like to put into their juicing recipes.

Apples are a great fruit to put into your Green Star Juicer and use for juicing recipes.They are not like some of the other fruits because you can buy them all year round. This means that they are a good staple for juices that can be made all year. Apple juice has a huge popularity because of its sweet taste. It is a known fact that many people young and old hate to eat vegetables.Sometimes they even hate the taste of certain fruits after they have been juiced.But, when you combine apple juice and put it into your Green Power juicer, the flavor totally changes for the better.

Carrots are also a favorite when it comes to juicing. One of the best things about carrots is that they are not as perishable as other veggies. In addition,it has a naturally sweet taste. Filled with beta carotene, it is an antioxidant that can make your vision better.

Basically, even if you hate the taste of veggies, you should still get your daily recommended servings. All you have to do is put a healthy blend of veggies or fruits into your Green Star Juicer and make a delicious and healthy drink. It will be healthy and delicious.

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