Day Fifteen – Weight Loss Journal

So this is what it is like to feel good!?  You don’t realize how much better you feel when you change what you eat.  Two weeks are done!  I’m on the tightest notch on my belt!  I still can’t believe I went from a 20/22 to a 16/18.  It is crazy to me and in only two weeks!  My double chin is going away.  My back fat pockets under my bra are going away.  Man what is it going to be like ten weeks from now?  I enjoy what I am eating and feel fantastic.  This is one battle I’m going to conquer, the battle of the bulge!  The one thing I am struggling with right now is the craving for carbs, mainly bread.  But I know if I give in I will feel like crap!  I must be strong.  I feel like I’m shrinking before my vary eyes.  My fat baby (tummy) is going away!

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