Day Five – Weight Loss Journal

Happy day number five!  So I think I noticed a difference on my upper thighs this morning.  I wonder if it is all my imagination that I think I see small differences when I look in the mirror.  I’m excited and scared to step on the scale.  I’ve gone up a notch on my belt.  I feel better.  I don’t mind the veggies that much just would like some protein.  Two more days! It amazes me that I am on day five and successful.  This is such a change from my way of life and thinking.  I like it.  It is funny to look back over the last five days.  Day one you are in total denial that you’re going to even make it through the first day little loan seven days!  Day two you are just happy day one is done.  Day three is don’t mess with me or even look my way.  Day four is acceptance.  Day five is I’m on my way to being a super star!

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