Day Four – Weigh Loss Journal


Today wasn’t too bad a day.  I made some veggie soup with cabbage and all sorts of vegetables and it was amazing.  I even made dinner for my family and it didn’t seem to bother me as bad as I thought it would.  I look in the mirror and maybe think that I am a little less fluffy?  Still fluffy but a little more condensed.  Slimming down kind of scares me.  I find myself looking in the mirror at myself not sure what to think.  This is going to be life transforming.  My body didn’t seem to fight much today.  Not sure what the change was, but whatever it was I like it.  This new way of eating seems to make me think more and think deeper.  I find myself reflecting more now.  It has caused me to slow down and realize what I am putting into my mouth and body.  I am even more excited about what this has to offer than before.  I do have the power to change things and to make a difference!  I think the light is finally coming on.  Here is to happy hump day.  Congratulations!

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