Day Three – Weight Loss Journal

Today was a very ruff day!  Grrr!  I was angry at the world.  I could not concentrate to save my life.  I found myself upset and angry over stupid little things, crying the next moment and fine the next time.  I feel like I finally evened out by late afternoon.  Why does food have so much power?  It is just ridiculous! On a more positive note, today I was at a get together and managed to stay strong and not cheat.  It frustrates me when people ask me why I'm not eating and I tell them that I am trying to loose weight.  Then I get the look!  Seriously people, I'm not dieing or anything just trying to improve my way of life.  You would think you would receive more support and not the “Why are you trying honey?” head nod.  I will get out of this what I put into this.  I’m not going to fail!  I’m not going to fail!  Power of the mind is what is going to keep me going.  It is funny how writing what I eat and journaling helps.  Three days done!  I feel like I am accomplishing something.

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