Fitness Without Trying: Lose Weight And Get Fit Doing What You Like

There is no doubt that the best way to shed excess pounds is by means of regular exercise plus a balanced diet, and there are ways to achieve fitness goals without it seeming like you’re working out. The thought of going through strenuous workouts and diets often discourages individuals who want to lose weight or just get fit. Others simply don’t have the time to go to the gym because of their hectic schedule. Fortunately, you don’t have to exert too much effort to lose weight so long as you just keep moving. You may even have some fun in the process!


Some Practical Tips to Increase Levels of Fitness Without Actually Working Out


1.  Use the stairs instead of an elevator.


If you’ve been using the elevator daily in going up to your office, make it a new habit to use the stairs. Going up and down the staircase regularly will increase your heart rate. This, in turn, allows you to boost your metabolism and helps in weight loss.


2.  Choose to walk rather than ride.


When going short distances, it wouldn’t only be more practical, but also healthier to walk. It’d be even better if you walked faster. This increases both your heart rate and metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories and shed extra pounds.


3.  Do household chores.


Any activity that works up a sweat will help you burn more calories and reduce weight. This includes doing household chores like mopping the floor, cutting the grass, washing windows, vacuuming, and washing the car, to name but a few.  You’ll burn calories and get fitter without even noticing- and get a cleaner house too!


4. Get together and go sightseeing with friends.


Visiting different places together with friends gets you up on your feet and off the couch. You should be walking most of the time. You’ll be surprised to know the number of calories you burn without even trying.


5.  Dance to your favorite music or video dance game.


When you’re just home, you can tune in to your favorite music and just dance along. You’ll get a cardio workout and lose weight as you have fun! You may even learn a few new dance moves to impress your friends.


6.  Mow the lawn.


Mowing the lawn can be beneficial to your health! Instead of seeing it as work, see it as WORKOUT. It’s great exercise for your legs, arms and core muscles.


7.  Take your dog out for a walk.


If you’re a dog lover, you’ll have fun walking or even running with your furry kids! It’s fun, physical, and great exercise for you and your pet. What could be better?


8.  Play Kinect video console games with your kids.


Kinect and Wii have sports, dance and other interactive games that even adults can enjoy with their kids. This is equivalent to doing aerobic exercises that enable you to burn a lot of calories and at the same time, have some family time with your children. These games encourage you and your kids to ditch the couch and actively participate. They’re an easy way to keep anyone physically active.


9.  Exercise at the office.


Being stuck at work doesn’t always mean that you can’t exercise. Every once in a while you can walk around or do some leg raises while seated or standing against the wall. You can also do some crunches or pushups during break time.


There are several ways to burn more calories in order to shed off excess pounds. You just have to be creative about it. Look at everything you do during the course of a day as an opportunity to build strength, tone muscles, or burn calories- even if it’s a few minutes at a time.

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