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  1. April 25, 2011


    It’s not really the sweating, it’s moreso the increased heart rate that “increases metabolism.”

    Heat makes things interesting….

  2. April 26, 2011

    Ivy League Kid

    Does spicy food increase your metabolism?
    I have noticed that whenever many people eat spicy food, they all tend to sweat.

  3. The spice is cayenne pepper.

  4. Tips to maximize your metabolism

    Metabolism basically means the count of calories you burn per day. Repeatedly you might have read articles about accelerating the rate of metabolism. The most common are consuming highly nutritious food and performing workouts. If your metabolism rate is slower, it shows you are burning less calories. In order to increase the rate, you must follow the below tips:

    1) Do not observe fasting because you burn too many calories at once, which is really harmful to your body. In this process your muscles turn weak and you face dehydration rather than minimizing the fat content.

    2) Dine about 6-8 times a day by consuming nutritious items such as fruits and vegetables..

    3) A heavy breakfast is a key factor in increasing the rate of metabolism. Since you are awake for the whole day, the rate of metabolism is fast.

    4) There are many kinds of healthy fats available such as nuts, fish, olive oil, and flax oil. They can be substitutes for processed carbs.

    5) Consume less sugar so that the insulin production is regulated and you will thus burn calories easily.

    6) Eat about 1 gm of protein per pound because the excessive fat content will be drained away.

  5. I have heard about the effects of adding mustard & another spice to food to increase metabolism.?
    What would that spice be?

  6. April 30, 2011

    Julio Moreno

    What are some foods that are high in protein? How about food that help increase metabolism?
    Protein and metabolism foods. If you know any please list more than 10 for either.

  7. April 30, 2011

    peace please people

    can someone list foods that increase metabolism?
    i was reading cosmo earlier…and it mentioned spicy foods increase metabolism?

    is there someone that can confirm this?

    thanks much

  8. April 30, 2011


    Possibly, but by such a minimal amount there is no effect.
    First, eating regularly (small amounts) does boost your metabolism, because your body doesn’t conserve calories as it doesn’t think it will be starved.

    Green tea (apparently)
    But eating things such as lots of vegetables with meals, and fibre helps. The vegetables contains minerals and sugars that your body knows what to do with, so it uses them. AKA metabolizes into energy. Also, replacing regular bread with whole grains etc (fibre content) speeds everything inside up.

    There really isn’t a wonder food, despite all these girly mags. It depends on your diet in general. Keep the healthy stuff high – as i said, your body knows what to do with it, so it’s continuously being metabolized. Stuff like bulk candy is digested and pretty much stored as fat. Simple as.

    If your looking to boost your metabolism, just replace junk with fruits, veggies, nuts and lean meats. (The protein encourages muscle growth, muscles use more calories up than fat)

  9. April 30, 2011


    what kind of foods increase metabolism?
    I am hypothyroid and i would like to know what kind of foods, vitamins, drinks, that would increase my metabolism. thanks

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