Get Fit Faster By Using A Weight Vest

One approach to getting in better shape faster is by adding a weight vest to your workout. Exercise, in itself, allows you to burn more calories. Adding more weight in the form of a vest gives more resistance to your workouts. This makes cardiovascular activities like running more challenging. It boosts the heart rate and tones muscles. This lets you further burn more calories and shed off excess pounds.


A weight vest is best for body weight exercises. However, before strapping it on, you have to be sure that you feel comfortable about doing workouts with the use of your own body weight.


What is a Weight Vest?


A weight vest, as its name implies, is a training tool that is designed to fit securely on the body. It is used to make body weight exercises more challenging without adding strain on particular joints. It enables the body to acclimate to exercising with weights. The weight of the vest is distributed evenly all throughout the torso. It adds resistance to gravity oriented workouts.


Different Kinds of Body Weight Exercises




You can get in better shape by adding a weight vest to your workout, such as squats. This type of exercise is focused on the lower parts of the body such as your abs, glutes and most especially the muscles of the legs that consist of the thighs, calves and shins.


A squat is done this way: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart and with your knees a little flexed. Lower your upper body to a level that is most comfortable and then lower this level, gradually, each time. Pause in the squat position for a few counts before going back to your standing position. Then repeat the move.




Push-ups are a workout to strengthen and build the muscles of your arms, shoulders and chest. This can be more effective with the use of a weight vest. Push ups are done by raising and lowering your body while facing the floor. Place your hands shoulder width apart with your palms on the floor and fingers facing forward.  Raise your body off the ground with the help of your arms and legs, using the toes as a support. Then, slowly lower yourself until the chest portion of your vest touches the ground. Raise yourself once more to the starting position. Then do another.


·Running, Jogging, or Walking


Running can be more challenging with the use of a weighted vest, especially if it weighs 10% or more of your body weight. With the weight vest, the muscles of your legs will work harder whether you are running, walking, or jogging. It's a good idea to use the weight vest on alternate runs so as to avoid muscle injury or straining of the muscles. Using it on every workout will cause your body to quickly adjust to the weight, reducing your average speed. On the other hand, using the weighted vest alternately will enhance speed, endurance, strength and lactate threshold.


Working out with the use of a weighted vest can benefit both intermediate and experienced fitness enthusiasts, to further enhance their strength and endurance and stay in shape.


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