HCG Diet – Does It Give Results?

Does HCG diet actually work? This is truly a legitimate question since there are many people in existence badmouthing the product so finding out the truth is more difficult than it seems. Curiosity is actually human instinct plus it wasn’t long till I’ve decided to do your homework of my very own to be able to come up with a personal answer that demonstrates the truth.

Well, if I were to tell you that I had to search around all over the place to find out the reality regarding this product, I would be lying.

The HCG 1234 Diet

This weight-loss option is in accordance with the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone which usually has a few great effects on body weight. The 1234 part of the name originates from the fact that the whole plan spans around four distinct levels, each with a crystal clear predefined purpose: the accommodation phase where you start taking the HCG Drops, the 1200 calorie stage and the stabilization stage.

After you're completed with all 3 of them, you'll have to undergo a final process of finding out how to keep your results on the long run and just how to improve your eating routine for good.

Does HCG diet actually work?

Today let us understand why the HCG 1234 diet works. To be honest, this was clear to me from the first moment I read the steps, which are incidentally, very well thought out. Nevertheless, it was one in particular that captured my focus immediately, the second one to be more precise, due to its name and what it relates to.

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It is called the 1200 calorie step simply because that’s just how many calories you are allowed to eat every day while taking the HCG drops. Now ask anyone, even people that do not know anything concerning weight-loss if this method could guarantee results and also the response will be a positive one.

In the event you only take in 1200 calories daily, you're actually giving your body just a little bit over half of what it needs. As such, losing weight will be a guaranteed thing that you won’t need to bother about. Nevertheless, this raises other questions and people have already been known to criticize this product saying that there is no reason for taking the HCG drops because you will lose weight anyway just by undergoing the 1200 phase.

While this is true, it‘s important too to remember that this diet doesn’t come with several drops only. You are also obtaining a great meal plan and many suggested recipes. These will come in useful and are an important factor for your success as losing weight is difficult.

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