How To Check Your Metabolism

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How Your Thyroid Glands Can Ruin Your Figure

By Sharon Bell

If you are almost starving yourself to death and exercising yourself to exhaustion but seem to only lose a few pounds, then you might have underlying problems that prevent you from losing weight. If you have tried almost all weight loss programs imaginable and still cannot seem to find a solution to shedding those unwanted pounds, do not blame yourself and feel down. If you have honestly worked hard to lose weight but did not get the results you were seeking, you may probably have a thyroid dysfunction.

Link Between Thyroid Problems And Weight Gain

The gland that is responsible for producing hormones to boost your metabolism, among other things, is the thyroid gland. Thus, if anything happens to your thyroid, your metabolism and your weight will be greatly affected.

Unfortunately for you and me, the thyroid gland gets easily affected by almost anything you put inside your mouth and the state of environment you are in. Environmental chemicals, food allergies, lifestyle choices, stress and nutritional deficiencies all play a role in causing subtle changes in your thyroid's performance. In fact, a study has shown that toxins and chemicals, such as bromide, fluoride and chlorine, bolster thyroid hormone production, leaving you with only a few of this hormone to manage your metabolic rate


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