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How to Increase Metabolism - HGH and Its Role in Metabolism

By John Michelin

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary glands in the body. HGH levels reduce as age advances due to which certain drugs with HGH help in reducing weight and keeping the weight in check. HGH when injected into the body can improve the growth and metabolic rate of the body. But, HGH should only be used under an expert medical professional's advice and prescription.

The pancreas produces insulin that converts carbohydrates in our diet into glucose in the body. The body maintains the glucose and stores them in fat cells that can be utilized when necessary to produce energy. HGH when introduced into the body prevents the storage of glucose within the cells compelling the body to utilize fat reserves to meet the energy requirements.

As HGH makes the body utilize fat reserves to meet energy requirements, excess fat in the body is lost resulting in weight reduction and keeping weight in check. This process occurs even when body is at rest which means that a person loses weight even while they are asleep. What is interesting is that a person does not have to bear hunger pangs and starve themselves to death to lose weight by this method.

An added advantage of HGH is that the energy level is elevated and so is the metabolic rate. The high level of HGH is what enables children to possess such high energy levels. So, using HGH through medications will allow an adult to reach peak levels of energy that was last felt in the adolescent years. Also the elevated metabolic rate results in further loss of fat. HGH can help a person lose weight without any exercise.

Among other gains a person has from HGH is that helps develop newer muscle cells, a phenomenon not seen once a person reaches puberty. In adults, with weight training and other exercises, only the size of muscle cells is raised not the number.

Using HGH, the number of muscles cells can be improved which means the person can get improved muscle mass with very less amount of weight training. Not only the muscle mass is improved, HGH also is beneficial to better definition to the muscles thus providing a superb shape to the body.

Side effects to the use of HGH are very low and quite rare. HGH helps in improving density of muscles, better strength, keeping weight in check and removes excess fat from the body.

There are several medical professionals who are tending to perceive that the use of HGH is a very good methodology to adapt to help a person lose weight and the excess fat in the body. There have been several clinical trials in this regard to prove that HGH is very efficient at providing excellent results in reducing excess weight.

Another important feature attached to HGH and its property of inducing weight loss is that HGH can also bring about the reduction of abdominal fat from deeper areas, which is highly difficult by any other method employed. This is a great advantage as the fat located in this area carries the potential of inducing life threatening heart attack.

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10 Responses to “How To Improve Metabolism”

  1. April 25, 2011


    First of all, dont look at metabolism as a magical force that you must appease in order to be thin. It is, as you said, the amount of energy your body uses. But the truth, that most dont realize, is that the heavier you are, the faster your metabolism. It takes a lot of energy to carry around extra weight. It’s also why someone who weighs 300 lbs may have a BMR (base metabolic rate- the calories you’d burn even if you stayed in bed all day) of 3000 calories a day and a 150 lbs person may need 1500 calories a day.
    If you want your body to use more energy, move more. Also, a good diet is essential. A calorie journal will help you find your “sweet spot” calorie wise. Weigh out all your portions and jot the calories down. It also helps to track your exercise and the changes in your weight. That will show you what’s working and what isnt. My “sweet spot” is 1400-1600 calories (with exercise)…. it keeps me satisfied and helps me lose weight at a steady pace. Any more or any less and I dont see the results I want. Also, lifting weights is one of the keys to metabolism. Every pound of muscle burns an extra 60 calories a day. It doesnt sound like much, but it means that if you put on just 4 lbs of muscle, you burn an extra 240 calories a day. Plus, weight lifting has an after burn effect, so for hours after you’re done with your workout, your body is working to repair your muscles, even when your sitting. And any time your body is working, you’re burning calories. Make sure you’re doing weights properly, though. 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps with weights heavy enough that you cant do any more than those 8-12 reps.

  2. How to improve metabolism to be like people who eat whatever they want without gaining weight?
    What exercise will get my metabolism running like of those who can eat whatever they like without gaining weight?
    im 13 years old btw .

  3. April 28, 2011


    To speed up your metabolism you need to eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 large meals. This will keep your body constantly working to burn the calories; thus, you will speed up your metabolism. You should also be well rested as this will give your body more energy to burn food and keep your metabolic rate up. Finally, you should exercise. Exercise has been proved to help speed up your metabolism, significantly.

    This will help speed up your metabolic rate and burn more calories, as result. These calories being burnt means less is being stored as fat.

  4. April 30, 2011


    . Sounds like you’re overweight and don’t exercise. right?
    Your gut isn’t working right ’cause you got a lot of fat around it, and the weak gut muscles aren’t pushing things thru very good.
    Go see a doc. You might be low on vitamins and stuff. Eat some yogart to clean the bowels out.
    And, YA, far.ts aRe grozz.

  5. There’s some good advice about boosting metabolism given in this article:

  6. April 30, 2011


    How to improve metabolism?
    Is it your metabolism that makes you burn food off. e.g. if you have a good metabolism you burn calories quicker?

    If so how do you improve your metabolism, to burn off calories quicker?


  7. How to improve metabolism? How do I know my metabolism is slow. I have excessive flatulence.?
    Also, I have excessive flatulence. Its emotionally stressing me out. Also, if my urine is yellow most of the time, does that mean my metabolism is slow? Please help. Experience info would help..Looking for someone who has gone thru this and successfully treated ? I am not married yet. Would excessive flatulence would be major stumbling block for relationship? I am 28, male
    When I pass the gas, It makes noise and is very embarassing. Why does it make noise? Anyway to avoid it.. I eat lot of fibers. Yes, it is smelly lot of times..

  8. April 30, 2011

    Carvetta F

    What kind of foods should you eat to improve your metabolism?
    I have low metabolism and hypothyroidism and can’t use diet aids so I want to know how to improve my metabolism naturally.

  9. No food, drink or herb will boost your metabolism.
    If there was one, it would be worth a million bucks!

    Exercise, as little as 30 minutes a day, will boost your metabolism.

    The good news is that exercise helps metabolism even hours after you stop.

    Try walking briskly for 30 min to start (where you can barely carry on a conversation) and work up to an hour a day. You should do this 5-6 days a week.

    Good luck!

  10. April 30, 2011


    How can I improve my metabolism?
    It seems that whatever amount of food I eat turns into fat! I tend to lose weight and gain it back quickly too. Is there a way I could improve my metabolism?

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