My name is Vanessa.  I have four beautiful children and a husband that loves me!  I am a very lucky lady, but have a secret that I am sick of keeping.  All my life I have struggled with my weight and as a result my self-esteem.  I never realized the one thing in life that I thought was my problem, my weight, turns out to be my biggest security.  My insecurity was my security!

My weight has been my way of keeping people at a distance.  This is going to stop because I want to be free.  I don't want to struggle with the same health issues that took my grandmother ten years ago and that I see my mom struggle with today.  The cycle has to end somewhere, with someone, and here is where it ends.

My journey starts now.  Will you follow and support me through my adventure of healing?  Join me by going to www.vavalicious.com for more information.

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