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Foods That Boost Metabolism And Burn Fat

The following article is very informative and emphasises on the importance of not skipping breakfast.  Eating smaller meals more often, rather than big ones is an excellent way to boost metabolism.  Make sure to include breakfast as your first meal of the day for an extra energy boost.  I know what it is like to have bad eating habits that have a negative effect.  These don't have to be long term and you can easily change the path you are on by having a step by step eating plan

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Boost Metabolism With Metabolism Boosting Foods

Author: Andrew Bicknell

The most important component of any weight loss program is your metabolism. And the best way to boost your metabolism is to eat that one meal of the day most of us take for granted and go without.


Yes, that's right; most of us run out the door on our way to Starbucks each morning and skip the most important weight losing meal of the day. There is research that backs this up. In a study by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 2300 teenage girls were tracked over a ten year period. What they found is that those girls who ate a breakfast high in fiber at least three times a week had an overall lower body mass index then those who did not.

Most people who skip breakfast do so because they figure it will reduce the amount of calories they eat in a day which will lead to some sort of weight loss. While it is true that too many calories are a bad thing, too few calories can also be detrimental to reaching your fat loss goals.

By eating a healthy breakfast of metabolism boosting foods you get your day started off right. You will also find that you no longer have the urge to snack on unhealthy foods because a balanced breakfast provides you with sustained energy through the morning. Fruits, vegetables, high fiber cereals and oatmeal all provide the nutrition your body needs to keep its energy levels up in a metabolic fat burning state.

One of the keys to boosting your metabolism through diet is to do so from a healthy body point of view. Not only are metabolism boosting foods good for helping you lose weight they are good for your overall bodily health. The old adage "you are what you eat" has always been true but most people have lost sight of that line of healthy thinking in our fast food culture.

By planning ahead and researching your food choices you begin to change the way you look at food and how it affects your health and well being. Having a variety of healthy food choices for not only breakfast but through out the day makes changing your eating habits much easier and leads to more permanent results. This will also help you resist the urge to fall back on old unhealthy habits, which is of particular importance when your first start your weight loss metabolism boosting diet.

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Foods That Boost Metabolism

Foods that Boost Metabolism

Foods That Boost Metabolism, What Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

By Steve Madigan

What is the short cut to losing weight? You could eat fast food, not the kind you are thinking of, but the good kind, I am talking about edible amphetamines. Eat these foods and you're guaranteed to burn more calories...just by sitting there and listening to the radio. But you have to remember that this is only a temporary fix, it is going to wear off. "The only way to alter your resting metabolism permanently is to gain or lose weight, or to build extra muscle," says Janet Walberg-Rankin, Ph.D., a professor of exercise physiology at Virginia Tech.

Look at it like this, if you eat enough of these foods that boost energy and metabolism, for enough days, you are going to lose weight. And that is if you did nothing. How about adding a little exercise to the routine and the possibilities are endless. So let's get a mouthful of these delicious metabolism busting foods and drop some pounds.

What are some of the main problems that people face today when trying to lose weight and raise their metabolic rate?

Not sure of what foods that increase metabolism

If I eat all day I am going to get fat I just have a slow metabolism

How can I increase my metabolism now that I am older?

Is there a safe and easy program I can follow to lose weight?

Let's go over a couple of definitions first. You hear it all the time "metabolism", but what it is? Its the process of converting food into energy (movement and heat). Metabolism happens in your muscles and organs and the result of it is what we commonly refer to as "burning calories". Metabolism is essentially the speed at which your bodies motor is running.

Then there is this term of "basal metabolism". "Basal metabolism" is the metabolic rate or caloric expenditure needed to maintain basal body functions such as your heart beating, breathing, muscle tone, etc. It's how fast your "motor" is running when your still in a reclines position or sleeping. Basal metabolism accounts for about 75% of the calories you expend on a daily basis! There is a simple formula for this and I will go over that in another article.

Now that we have some of the terms outlined, let's get back to the main question of "what foods boost metabolism and answer the above questions"

Let's do some of the easy ones first and then I will give you a list of super foods that increase metabolic rate.

If I eat all day I will get fat...A little known fact is, if you starve yourself, you are going to slow down your metabolism. Contrary to popular belief is you need to eat 300-400 calories meals through the day. Eat these smaller metabolism booster meals four to six times per day.

I just have a slow metabolism...this could be true. If you start eating these using these foods in your recipes, cooking and snacking and you are not losing weight, then you should probably go and have your thyroid checked out. There might be something wrong.

I am going to cover the other three points with a list of foods to eat and snack on. By eating these nutritious food, along with diet and exercise, you will start to trim unwanted pound safely and effectively. No matter what age you are. Here is a list of 10 healthy snack foods that are full of nutrition and metabolism boosting power. And the best part is they all taste really good.

Drink plenty of water

Green Tea

Apples and pears



Low-Fat Yogurt


Hot Peppers

Lean Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey

Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines


Small snacks can also help keep your body from running out of fuel, preventing those 3 p.m. office blahs. "When you restrict the number of calories your body has for fuel, your metabolic rate can drop temporarily," says Susan Roberts, Ph.D., chief of the energy-metabolism laboratory at Tufts University in Boston. That makes it easier to pack on the pounds and harder to burn them off again.

Here is how and why these super foods increase metabolic rate.

Each of these healthy foods and weight loss boosters will keep you full longer on less calories

Water rich fresh fruits, vegetables and soup will dilute the calories in your foods, so you can eat more and not overdue the calories

High fiber whole grains, fruits and nutritious veggies keep the digestive system on track as well as steady the insulin levels, which is going to prevent fat storage

Lean meats will boost the metabolism and burn calories, due to it taking more energy to digest than other foods

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